Friday, January 4, 2013

Building a mini-greenhouse

Build a mini-greenhouse

A small greenhouse is just a basic structure made out of 2x2 lumber and polyethylene film. Nevertheless, if you use the right cold frame plans you can increase the temperature with several degrees and grow vegetables and flowers even during the cold frame.

You should always adjust the size of the greenhouse before starting the actual construction of the cold frame. Use 2x2 lumber to build the frame and attach 1x6 tongue and groove cedar slats. Always align the components at both ends before driving the screws into the lumber.
From our experience, we recommend you to cut the side components of the cold frame at 15 degrees, as the  plants need a significant amount of light, for at least 8 hours a day. Before starting the construction, you should choose a proper location. Therefore, the greenhouse should be oriented toward South, otherwise the plans won't develop properly and the inside temperature would be too low.

Building the lid of the greenhouse can be done in several ways. From our point of view, you could use 2x2 lumber to build the lid. If you want to have a quick access to different segments of the mini-greenhouse, you could split the top in several segments.
Attach the lid to the cold frame with metal hinges, after aligning it at both ends. Check if the lid opens properly before continuing the project. Strange as it might seem, the interior temperature could increase as high as to 80 degrees, so you should open the lid and ventilate the cold frame.

If you want more space for your greenhouse, you could build one in your backyard. Therefore, select the right garden greenhouse plans for your needs and buy quality materials. Adjust the size of the greenhouse to the configuration of your yard.

Installing an automated vent opener is optional, but you can get the job done easier without having to worry any more. When the temperature exceeds a certain temperature, the vent opener will raise the lid and let the cold and fresh air to get inside the cold frame.